Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Ski Touring at Glenshee

Winter keeps coming and going this year and the Lakes hasn't really seen any winter conditions at all.  So with that in mind me and Stu headed to Glenshee in Scotland with hopes high and enthusiasm brimming over!

After a half day of piste skiing in fog (still fun) and having to sit out a day of horrendous rain, our patience was paid off by blue skies and good snow.

Stu skinning back up what we had just skied down near Cairn an Turic

There is a tonne of snow on the tops,

It's tricky to make out but there are 3 avalanches on the far slope. All caused by cornices breaking off in the warm weather we reckon.

Scotland isn't all fog and midges!

Looking down towards the Braemar road

Stu styling in new boots!

A good time was had by all and yet again reminded me that with enough flexibility and enthusiasm there are some amazing adventures to be had!