Sunday, 8 December 2013

Zip world trip and some amazing Mines in North Wales

This is amazing!  Our mate rich runs it and kindly let us have a go this weekend!  It should be on everyones bucket list.

Not content with one adventure in the day, we headed to an amazing abandonned slate mine.  This is reputed to be the biggest slate mine in the's huge!

The entrance adit

Ali and maz

This 'staircase' heads  into a huge chamber about 30m deep and just vast!

We then found a plank walkway with rope to clip into...theres a 20m drop below them, pretty exciting stuff.  All this is new and has been put in by 'Go Below' a company running mine trips.

Maz grinning despite the exposure

This incline was enormous and ran for at least 200m vertically.

Rich, Ali and Maz looking at the remains of an old railway bridge.  The drop is about 20m past rich.

As this was an exploratory visit and we were following our noses and being sensible we eventually turned back and retraced our steps...we will be back!