Thursday, 25 October 2012

Caving in Marilyns Pot

Had a brilliant day today with my mate exploring down Marilyns Pot which joins Disappointment Pot (it’s rather nice actually!) then on down into the Gaping Ghyll system…which is huge!

We managed to fight, wriggle, squirm and swear our way along the very muddy and low and long New Hensler Passage at the bottom of the SRT which takes you eventually to the bottom of Bar Pot, etc.

Unfortunately as we had taken a few wrong turns along the way and were on a dead-line we had to turn around here and go back through the MUD. Argh! so much MUD!  Confused smile

So no Chamber of the Winds for me today, but a great adventure and a better understanding of the cave gained. And I’ll be back.

Cheers for now



PA250040             PA250042

PA250045                    PA250043


Monday, 22 October 2012

Indian Summer (well, a weekend!)


We had a great weekend on the North Yorkshire Moors with some friends.  We spent Friday at a crag called Scugdale, ticking off all the classics, either solo or with a rope for the higher ones.  Brilliant crag with lovely rock.


Sat and Sun were both spent Mountain Biking.  Both 43km and 30km respectively!  We’re both very tired and to top it off I’ve got food poisoning and am at home today, writing this to take my mind off stomach cramps, lovely!  Still the weekend was great.

Cheers Mark and Ali